Role: Art direction + design.  

Matriks Digital offer habitual, lifetyle and social community resources to support your personal development and fulfillment. They are motivational at heart, with a very strong visual USP. 

The rebrand was driven by building on what they already have, adding layers to emphasize the many ways their offering can help you take the first steps in the right direction.

Taking the lead from messages on their popular social channels, standalone posters were delevoped using the photo / video style that has made them so dinstictive. The typographic approach strengthened the idea of turning a corner towards positive change.

Social carousels were created to align with the multi-sheet design approach, which uses underscoring to connect each word in the first half of the statement, while the second half has the words underlined in their entirety.

The rebrand was then rolled out across various brand-appropriate physical formats.


Role: Art direction + design. Made at TMPW.

A new business pitch [ which was won ] for FCDO to drive applicants to apply for the role of Technical Services Officer. Bond-esque visuals such as redaction, glitching and spyware were used to heighten the secretive nature of the role. Photography of exotic locations spoke to the international travel on offer.

A series of posters were the starting point to explore two potential routes, the first one being people-centric, the second showing those exotic locations.

A microsite was proposed, it’s main purpose to house the video which would make up the bulk of the campaign.

A rough edit was shown at pitch stage. 

MPUs, podcasts, e-shots and social carousels were also built into the offering.

Agency: TMPW
Heads of creative: Matt Broughton + Dan Turner
Project Managers: Cat Parkin, Shauna O’Brien
Senior copywriter: Rachel Sykes
Art Direction + design: Craig Baxter
Film: Eleni Skordis


Role: Art direction + design. Work made at Semi-famous

Semi-famous recently developed and delivered an integrated brand campaign spanning three businesses for Bloomberg Industry Group.

“The difference is” campaign is driven by a simple, strong, premise that delivers a powerful flexible product story and takes aim at the competition.

This framework allowed Semi-famous to develop compelling messaging for Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Tax and Bloomberg Law – all businesses with complex stories to tell, each to very specialised industries.

With products that offer customers everything from real-time tracking of state-by-state marijuana legislation, to access to tenders to build submarines for the Pentagon, we had to get into the weeds and still craft a simple story.

The team produced over 60 video assets, and hundreds of print and digital assets - all driven by one narrative.

Creative Director: Damian Totman
Project Managers: Laura Bailey, Dan Heighes
Words: Nat Whitten
Art Direction: Craig Baxter
Design: Gene Chen / Graham Handley
Animation: Ultra Studio
Editing: Rob Ward

Initial sketches and concepts.


Role: Art direction + design.
Website, branding and presentation design for photographer and director, Philip Lee Harvey. Visit to see more of his amazing work. 


Role: Design + storyboarding.
Semi-famous designed the digital screen content for CBRE’s new headquarters in Central London, Henrietta House.

The high-resolution digital ‘archway’ is over 8 metres wide, and carries a giant variety of text, image, infographics, brand and live data content.

Creative Director: Damian Totman
Project Manager: Laura Bailey
Design: Craig Baxter / J-P Stanway  / Graham Handley
Animation: Ivan Brou

A versatile but disciplined design system allows for maximum variety and mix-ability across different content types within playlists.

The team designed simple, yet sophisticated motion language that unifies content and creates a gentle ambient feeling that co-exists with the contemporary building interior – engaging passersby and dwelling visitors from multiple angles.