Role: Art direction + design.  

Matriks Digital offer habitual, lifetyle and social community resources to support your personal development and fulfillment. They are motivational at heart, with a very strong visual USP. 

The rebrand was driven by building on what they already have, adding layers to emphasize the many ways their offering can help you take the first steps in the right direction.

Taking the lead from messages on their popular social channels, standalone posters were delevoped using the photo / video style that has made them so dinstictive. The typographic approach strengthened the idea of turning a corner towards positive change.

Social carousels were created to align with the multi-sheet design approach, which uses underscoring to connect each word in the first half of the statement, while the second half has the words underlined in their entirety.

The rebrand was then rolled out across various brand-appropriate physical formats.