Role: Art direction + design. Made at TMPW.

A new business pitch [ which was won ] for FCDO to drive applicants to apply for the role of Technical Services Officer. Bond-esque visuals such as redaction, glitching and spyware were used to heighten the secretive nature of the role. Photography of exotic locations spoke to the international travel on offer.

A series of posters were the starting point to explore two potential routes, the first one being people-centric, the second showing those exotic locations.

A microsite was proposed, it’s main purpose to house the video which would make up the bulk of the campaign.

A rough edit was shown at pitch stage. 

MPUs, podcasts, e-shots and social carousels were also built into the offering.

Agency: TMPW
Heads of creative: Matt Broughton + Dan Turner
Project Managers: Cat Parkin, Shauna O’Brien
Senior copywriter: Rachel Sykes
Art Direction + design: Craig Baxter
Film: Eleni Skordis