Role: Art direction + design. Work made at Semi-famous

Semi-famous recently developed and delivered an integrated brand campaign spanning three businesses for Bloomberg Industry Group.

“The difference is” campaign is driven by a simple, strong, premise that delivers a powerful flexible product story and takes aim at the competition.

This framework allowed Semi-famous to develop compelling messaging for Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Tax and Bloomberg Law – all businesses with complex stories to tell, each to very specialised industries.

With products that offer customers everything from real-time tracking of state-by-state marijuana legislation, to access to tenders to build submarines for the Pentagon, we had to get into the weeds and still craft a simple story.

The team produced over 60 video assets, and hundreds of print and digital assets - all driven by one narrative.

Creative Director: Damian Totman
Project Managers: Laura Bailey, Dan Heighes
Words: Nat Whitten
Art Direction: Craig Baxter
Design: Gene Chen / Graham Handley
Animation: Ultra Studio
Editing: Rob Ward

Initial sketches and concepts.